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Timeless classic hair trends for 2024

I'm going to admit, even I'm a bit exhausted by all of the hair trends that have come our way in recent years. But I have good news, the hair trends of 2024 are proving easier to keep up with, less fleeting and more classic. While we have grown accustomed to micro-moments galore 2024 is seeing a return to the classic styles that promote versatility and wearability. Just like the make-up trends and nail trends also dominating this year, the major hair trends lean into timeless styles that can be adapted for everyone.

To get to the bottom of what sorts of haircuts, hair colours and hairstyles are actually worth your time this year I've put together a short blog of the top hair trends to have on your radar throughout 2024.

Bespoke bobs

You might say 'Esther bobs are everywhere', hear me out, 2024 has already seen a more bespoke bob come to light, in contrast to the more prescriptive styles we have seen previously. 2024 is about statement hair, chopped effortless styles [like] jaw-length bobs, which are versatile.

The best thing about the 2024 bob is that you can wear it however you like depending on your hair texture you can play about with it. Wear it sleek or wavy and rounded, you can play around to create a lift in the hair where you need it. And as for styling your bespoke bob, you can do as you please. A curly bob puts curls front and centre, offering a simple, yet elegant style. You can also wear your bob slicked back for an edgy look with a touch of class, or embrace a casual messy texture. The beauty of this cut is that how you wear it is entirely up to you.

Texan Blowouts

With the arrival of Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter and hit series Yellowstone, there's no surprise that we're seeing a huge resurgence when it comes to cowboy-inspired beauty and fashion looks right now. The most dominating of them all, however, is definitely the Texan blowout.

Expensive Hair

We've seen expensive-looking beauty edging its way onto the scene in recent times, and it's hit the mainstream in 2024. Forget undone, just-rolled-out-of-bed looks, this year it's all about luxe, polished finishes. The whole idea of 'effortless', takes a lot of effort, but it's about having hair that looks super healthy, and shine is a major part of that. It's all about understated glamour! And while this sounds high-maintenance, I can assure you it's not—it's just about asking for the right thing in the salon.

Red Alert

When it comes to talking about colour, red is having a real moment. And it works for all hair types and styles. It's one of the hottest trends for curly hair in 2024. Whether vivid or muted, it adds a fun, bold and dynamic look through enhancing texture, shine and volume.

So whether you fancy an apricot red, a copper red or a fiery red, the good news is you don't have to commit to something too permanent. For the non-committal types, there are lots of semi-permanents available that you can play around with.

Flash-shine hair

Similar to expensive hair, flash-shine hair also embraces all that high-maintenance, luxe-looking hair has to offer however, this time it's all in the styling products instead of the cut and colour. And it's not just on the catwalks we're seeing flash-shine looks, but out and about, too. Hair glosses have become a popular treatment to achieve high-shine finishes, both in salon and at home.

Maple Butter Blonde

This one is already everywhere. Also known as buttermilk blonde, maple butter blonde hair is proving a real hit this year. As seen on Rihanna, this deliciously warm colour, intertwined with ribbons of flaxen to add glossy dimension and reflection, allows for a look that suits the 'I like warm but not orange, please' lovers,

90's Cuts

I couldn't end this trend report without at least one mention of the 90s! Yes, the 90s-mania trend has come for our hair, too. The 90s return is massive, people are fed up of the squareness of a bob, and what's the opposite of square? Round – even bowl cuts.

For more hints, tips and trends keep an eye out on our socials at Harmony Hair Studio, Bangor or to book into with Esther then contact the salon direct on 028 9145 9658 or via any of our socials.

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